Houston… We Have Liftoff!

Simian Finance
4 min readMar 23, 2021


Check out the newly re-designed simianfinance.io

Captain’s Log 002 — March 23, 2021

New Website!

A few days ago, the SIFI team laid out our plans to become the biggest and baddest apes in the crypto charity space and today marks the official launch of our epic voyage. We are so proud and excited to announce the release of the new simianfinance.io, an entire site re-write and re-design that demonstrates the commitment of our team, the energy of our community, and the long-term vision of the project. The new site is fun, streamlined, and focused on answering all the essential questions that new buyers have been approaching us with for the past week since launch (has it really only been one week?!). In this first iteration, we provide all the essential information about:

  • Our mission
  • Our tokenomics
  • Our charitable initiatives
  • Our roadmap
  • Our community
  • Our trust & security

We’re so proud of the work our team has been able to accomplish this week and we can’t wait to hear your feedback in our Telegram. Remember — this project is community-owned and community-first and we intend to use this newly-built site to bring improvements and feature updates in the areas that our community wants to see first. We need your feedback to make that happen — come drop us a line!

Blockfolio Listing

As you may have seen in a recent tweet, SIFI recently got listed on Blockfolio! This marks a monumental first step in driving better trust and awareness with prospective buyers and delivering on our promises to our ever-growing community. The SIFI team looks forward to obsessively checking our SIFI portfolio balances in Blockfolio like the rest of you!

Houston… we have liftoff!

NFT Giveaway

As you may have noticed on the new website, we’ve minted NFTs for each of the 13 orangutans we adopted from Orangutan Outreach, and we wanted to celebrate the site launch with a good ol’ fashioned NFT GIVEAWAY! Follow us on Twitter and keep an eye out for more details. Entry will be super simple — all you have to do is retweet our announcement on Twitter and tag two friends and you’re entered into a lottery for one of 4 NFTs that we’ll be giving away at the beginning of next week. We want everyone to know about the important work we’re doing for global primate conservation and the fast we get the word out, the faster we can fund our Charity Wallet and begin making regular distributions to partner charities. Details on this Charity Wallet product and tokenomics surrounding the charitable distributions will be covered in an in-depth blog post in the near future.

There’s cute, and there’s #GunungCute

Meme Contest

As if the NFT Giveaway wasn’t enough, we’re also launching a Meme Contest on Twitter this weekend to celebrate the site launch milestone and reward some of the more passionate and creative members of our community. Follow us on Twitter and keep an eye out for the post. Simply comment with your meme submission(s) and tag two friends and you’ll be entered into the contest. Prize payouts are below, and based on the quality of the memes being dropped in the Telegram, be prepared for some stiff competition!

1st Place -3,000 SIFI

2nd Place -2,000 SIFI

3rd Place -1,500 SIFI

4th Place -1,000 SIFI

5th Place -500 SIFI

What’s Next?

The SIFI Team continues to work tirelessly on all critical roadmap initiatives outlined in our previous blog post. We’re ironing out the tokenomics and writing the initial code for the trustless Charity Wallet product, the details of which will be broken down in an upcoming blog post. We’re working on the requirements and costs for additional listings on WhiteBit, CoinGecko, and CoinMarketCap. We’re writing custom TheGraph code for interactive on-site PWA widgets to help buyers track distributions, donations, and more. We’re finalizing our public-facing roadmap so you can track our progress every step of the way. And finally, we’re working out the details and timing for a 3rd party audit by WarOnRugs.

Upwards and Onwards Space Apes!


The SIFI Team

Apes Together Strong