2021: A SIFI Odyssey

Simian Finance
5 min readMar 19, 2021


Apes Together Strong

Captain’s Log 001 — March 19th, 2021

Hello fellow primate — welcome to Simian Finance! We’re a community-owned and operated crypto project focused on supporting global primate conservation via transparent and trustless donations and high-yield gamified tokenomics. Our SIFI token boasts an incredibly low circulating supply of 5MM total coins, and we reward hodlers with a proportionally distributed 5% fee on all transactions (the highest rate of direct auto-staked return to hodlers of any token of its kind!) We have permanently locked liquidity and revoked ownership of the contract so the project is now truly community-driven and free-floating.

The SIFI Team is composed of volunteer developers, designers, and product managers from our growing community of buyers and we’ve been working tirelessly for 4 days straight to build up a foundation for continued development and make SIFI into a protocol for automated and onchain-verifiable donations to charities. We are self-funded via a 75k SIFI development fund that was created and paid for by a handful of motivated community members — we did not receive any pre-mined allocation and we are not affiliated with (or compensated by) the developer who originally deployed the token.

Now that we’ve built a solid foundation for our product and community (and had a chance to sleep for a few hours), we wanted to take the opportunity to provide some updates to our community and the public to celebrate our early accomplishments and communicate our plans for future growth. We hope you’ll join us on our mission! “Apes Together Strong!”

Our Mission

Did you know you’re one of an estimated 700+ species of primates, and you share 90% of your DNA with your primate cousins? Did you know that as of 2021, over 69% of primate species are threatened with extinction and this number is growing every day? We in the SIFI community believe this is unacceptable and we’re on a mission to make positive changes in global primate conservation. In fact, in order to test the waters with crypto charity donations, we’ve already manually donated and adopted 16 adorable orangutans from Orangutan Outreach and you can see their cute little faces here. To accomplish our mission, we’re working on a fully automated and trustless protocol that uses accumulated token distributions to donate money to our partnered charities. For those of you familiar with the RFI token, we employ similar but higher % mechanisms to accomplish these goals.

We envision a model that fuels a constant stream of distributed donations purely through ongoing activity on the SIFI token, which employs innovative direct economic incentives that are new to the crypto space. Those of you who have been following the hype around other auto-staking animal tokens know how much passive yield these wallets can generate and SIFI takes this model to the next level by employing a more aggressive 5% distribution fee. This means more passive yield for our buyers and our charities who reap the same passive rewards. In addition to the continuous passive charitable distributions, we also encourage community members to donate directly to a forthcoming Charity Wallet to accelerate the positive changes we’re making for primate conservation efforts. We will provide transparency and trustless solutions to ensure all donations are fully verifiable on chain so everyone sees what was donated and who received it. We plan on releasing a much more detailed technical tear-down of our charity wallet product in an upcoming blog post.

Accomplishments So Far

We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish in the first few days of the project!

  • A core team formed around the SIFI Community with Developers, Designers, and a Product Manager ready to work half- and full time on this
  • Raised 75,000 SIFI Tokens from the community. You guys rock!
  • We took our own money and manually donated to and adopted 16 orangutans from Orangutan Outreach as a first gesture
  • Telegram community grew to 400 members and counting! Hello SIFI TG community! We love you!
  • GitHub for the token contract and third party sites created
  • r/SiFiCoin subreddit created

What’s Next?

Our immediate objective is to launch a newly branded website that’s laser-focused on our project’s goals. It will include a detailed roadmap, details around our trustless donation product, more professional optics, better infographics, and dynamic widgets for prospective buyers. Expect this to launch within a few days. It’s critical that we get new eyes on the product as soon as possible, and to that end we have already applied for listings on CoinGecko, WhiteBit, Blockfolio, and CoinMarketCap and we’ll keep the community apprised of progress as those opportunities come to fruition. In addition to listings, we’ll also be doing some meme contests (with SIFI rewards!) and Social/YouTube marketing pushes.

The product we’re most excited about is our Trustless Charity Donation NFTs, as it ensures we bring positive changes to primate conservation efforts across the globe. In short, our community-funded wallets will passively generate tokens via our unique distribution model and donate funds automatically to partner charities in the form of NFTs. We’re super excited to share more details in an upcoming dedicated blog post. We will also create a multi-sig Development Fund wallet that will be used to fund ongoing cost of product development in a trustless manner. As the project and community continue to grow, this fund will ensure the team has the ability to meet our community’s needs and realize the product’s long-term vision.

Our team and community pride ourselves on trust and transparency so we’ll soon be launching a public-facing Trello roadmap. This will provide a lens into the long-term vision of the product and allow community members and prospective buyers to follow our progress every step of the way. We’ll also be engaging more directly with our community through regularly scheduled voice chats to build stronger relationships and ensure questions and concerns are quickly addressed. Lastly, in addition to the verifiable locked liquidity and revoked token contract ownership, we will be engaging in a 3rd party code audit by WarOnRugs. More details coming soon on this front.

How To Join

We hope you’re as excited as we are about this project and we hope to see you in the Telegram soon! If you’re interested in being a part of the SIFI movement, you can buy SIFI tokens on Uniswap. Remember to use 6% slippage for the trades! (details below)

Uniswap: https://uniswap.exchange/swap?inputCurrency=0x4afb0aac9b862946837b2444566b8a914d6d0d97&outputCurrency=ETH

Contract: 0x4afb0aac9b862946837b2444566b8a914d6d0d97

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